Currently Insourcing?

No company is an isolated entity, especially in manufacturing. You depend on your customers, and on a network of employees, consultants, suppliers and vendors, technicians, and other stakeholders. Evolve gives you freedom to focus on your main lines of business, to do what you do best. With Evolve you have an experienced and engaged manufacturing team at the ready. Whether you are a brand new company with a product you are eager to get to market, or a company tracking numerous projects, Evolve provides certifiable paths to success. We help you avoid the pitfalls, headaches, and unplanned expenses--especially, the costly mistakes--that hamper start-ups or delay a company's progress.

Here are a few ways Evolve can help:

From Start to Market

If you take on your own manufacturing, you must have the people, expertise, experience and equipment to complete your goal. Many things can go wrong. You may have to secure a location and build support structures, acquire proper tooling and test equipment, and find and train staff. Such overhead sends costs soaring and affects sales. Most importantly, you are pushed further away from what you know you and your employees do best: designing products, refining your market, and selling. Evolve is set up and ready to roll, from inspiration to final product, and can do so with astonishing swiftness and ease. With Evolve, you get your product out there, assured that it is done right.

Staffing and Training

Evolve has a person in place at all support, engineering, and managerial levels: people with experience in the industries we serve. We are leaders in manufacturing technology. With Evolve, you hit the ground running, avoiding unpredictable costs and delays. Manufacturing in-house, your product may wait months before it reaches market. Evolve is set to go today with experts who know how to get the job done efficiently--meeting regulatory and quality standards--and faster than if you have to hire and train your own staff. Use your resources and apply your dollars towards growing your business, instead.

Our Open-Door

It's right to be concerned about outsourcing. What you save in production costs, you may end up spending on shipping, receiving, going through government oversight at customs, and doing crisis-management around unscheduled delays or unwanted overruns. Evolve has an open-door policy. Our customers can walk in at any time to see what is going on. You can watch production and talk to those engaged with it instead of having to go through a separate level of management--and translators--when you deal with a foreign country. With Evolve, you can also rest assured that your intellectual property is held in strict confidence and protected by American law. SEE SECTION ON IP PROTECTION

Conserve Your Creative Energy

What you do best is considering your own customer,s needs and working in the marketplace of ideas. We treasure our customers for their insights and values as they "find a need and fill it," and can transform your creative spark into the highest quality products and instruments.

Growth and Beyond

Since we have been through our own rapid growth, we know how to walk you through the unexpected surprise and occasional burden of being a success. Let's team up to turn pressure for demand of your products into increased profitability, and ensure your customer's satisfaction as your own reputation expands.