Currently Outsourcing?

When shopping for a qualified contract manufacturer, there are a few important things you should look for: ISO and other important certifications; the manufacturer's quality of process, documentation and reporting protocols; outstanding expertise and experience in the staff; and, proactive inventory management. Evolve meets every requirement.

Here are fuller descriptions of those very things that give us a competitive edge:


British Standard Institute (BSI) certifications are internationally recognized signs that a company is committed to quality in all stages of manufacturing. They signal the expertise of the people involved in design, engineering, and managing production process. In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 certifications, Evolve also meets ITAR standards, is FDA registered, and is registered as a woman-owned business (WBENC). Find out more about our certifications.

Quality Process and Reporting

Evolve has developed quality processes that are understood warranties of perfection, not just as they relate to how a product is conceived and constructed, using tools, equipment, and experienced know-how, but also as they attest to an all-important tracking mechanism. Traceability is critical where risk is inherent in a product's usage, such as in the medical industry.

Knowledgeable Staff

Evolve's team is an integrated extension of our customers' operational resources. Our staff come from a wide range of industries: medical, semiconductor, defense, biotech and imaging to name just a few. Evolve's engineering team can look at drafts of your product and make recommendations that will reduce assembly time and build in quality. It is all about having people who understand manufacturing in its entirety, who have done it before, and know how to design for testing, design for manufacturability.

Strong Inventory Management

Evolve has a very comprehensive global supply chain to service our diverse product lines. We have partners who manufacture PCBAs, Cables, Sheet metal and Machining. Each project has unique requirements, and through the years we have established relations with many excellent suppliers worldwide.

A strong and dedicated supply chain is key to our customers’ success. By keeping our suppliers informed and treating them fairly, we are able to maximize the flexibility of our supply chain. This allows us to respond to our customers' needs during times of extreme growth or during a downturn. At Evolve we are proud of our strong ethics and this translates into tangible benefits for our customers.